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Passing The Torch – An Arkansas Waterfowl Film

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Take a journey into the passing of waterfowl legacies through hunters and gun dogs.

Full film coming the end of September

This is a story about the changing of the guard on a family farm and a young retriever’s first season.

Brandon James is a third generation cattle rancher and farmer, whose grandfather has passed down a rich tradition of hard work and sweat equity. His grandfather’s “tough love” around the farm has taught Brandon what it means to go the extra mile and pay attention to detail, a lesson that he also carried over to waterfowl hunting.

Western Arkansas isn’t the geographical waterfowl hotspot that the eastern portion of the state is known for. Instead, tons of public hunting pressure and very few birds have forced Brandon to develop his hunting skills and put the core values that he’s learned on the farm to use in hunting the public land in Crawford and Sebastian counties.

Growing up helping with the cattle ranch operations, Brandon has learned an appreciation for animals that led to him owning and training his own retrievers. A good waterfowl story would not be complete without a faithful Labrador retriever, and it just so happens that Brandon has a young, but promising new pup. This is Rhyder’s first season and he has big shoes to fill.

With Brandon’s Grandpa getting older and him having to take more responsibility with the ranching efforts, there is definitely a feeling of a “passing of the torch” of sorts. In the meantime, there is also the added dynamic of Rhyder to fill the role of faithful retriever. The duo will chase mallards around the river valley of western Arkansas and develop a strong bond together as they both learn to take on more responsibility.

This film is presented by Gunner Kennels and Eukanuba Sporting Dog

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Passing The Torch – An Arkansas Waterfowl Film

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