Ben Fournier with ducks from an Oregon hunt

The Grind – A Waterfowl Story in Oregon

The last day of the season and the final grind of the Oregon waterfowl season with Ben Fournier

Ben Fournier grew up hunting his families ranch in north Texas where he developed a love for the outdoors, especially waterfowl.

For him, there’s nothing more exciting than greenheads dropping into a small water hole or great big spins of Lessers working the spread and watching a good retriever do it’s thing.

Making the Central Flyway his home, Ben spent the last 8 years guiding waterfowl hunters in Texas and Oklahoma. His hunting lifestyle has taken him all over North America and this nomad hunting style will never get boring for him.

For “The Grind” we caught up with Ben in Eastern Oregon, on the last day of season. Nonstop rain the day before, and constant snowfall through the night made for sloppy conditions to say the least.

Checkout the official trailer to see how Ben and crew finishes up their season. Full film coming late December ’19.

Last modified: July 19, 2022

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